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Pricing Options

ClearCOGS saves you money.

We measure our success by the impact our tools have on your bottom line.

Time Savings

  • Our automated prep sheet means you no longer have to spend time figuring out how much of each item to have ready every day

  • Whether it currently takes you 15 minutes or 3 hours, automating your prep sheets using ClearCOGS means you can get back to doing the tasks that matter most to your operation

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Cost Savings

  • ClearCOGS saves you thousands of dollars in labor and wasted ingredients due to over prep

  • Our optimized prep sheet makes stocking out a worry of the past, ensuring that you are always prepared for whoever walks through the door

Reduce Stress

  • Our systemized prep sheet means there is one less thing to train your employees to do

  • No need to stress over who is managing the kitchen each day, all the details are provided in a clean, clear format

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Pricing Plans



Daily Sales Forecasts





Daily Reports

10 Forecasted Items

$50 Additional Location Fee



Hourly PAR Reports

25 Forecasted Items

$50 Additional Location Fee



Custom Reports

Unlimited Forecasted Items

Unlimited Locations

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