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Forward Fooding: 2023 - FOODTECH500

#362 - ClearCOGS

The Foodtech 500 2023 powered by forward fooding

ClearCOGS uses machine-learning and AI to build a proprietary “crystal ball” to empower restaurant operators with specific tools and information – including demand predictions – they need to make proactive decisions to reduce management stress, labor inefficiencies, and food waste.

Total Score:


46.03 - Business Size Score

45.18 - Digital Footprint Score

46.55 - Sustainability Score

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About ClearCOGS

  • Kitchen & Restaurant Tech

  • Restaurant operations management & POS systems


  • United States, Chicago

The company fulfills the following UN SDGs

12 Responsible consumption and production

Forward Fooding is the world’s first collaborative platform for the food & beverage industry fostering innovation via FoodTech Data Intelligence and corporate-startup collaboration. Headquartered in London with satellite offices in Barcelona and Rome, they have built the largest FoodTech database in the world and have been fostering a global network of AgriFoodTech entrepreneurs since 2015.

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