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Get instant clarity on your highest revenue items with zero effort.

See Into The Future with ClearCOGS Forecasted Insights


Why do you need menu forecasting?

Because more profits are never a bad thing.

You likely work hard to serve every guest that walks through your doors an amazing experience. But traffic can fluctuate, meaning you aren't always ready to deliver. You're balancing prep and production, ordering, staffing, and marketing as is. You don't have time to crunch the demand traffic numbers.


Yesterday (6).png

Demand is near impossible to predict

Are you keeping up with it?

Most restaurants struggle to keep up with fluctuating demand. Things like thunderstorms, catering, and holidays can make it even harder to predict.

Utilizing ClearCOGS Menu Forecasting will put the power of proactivity in your hands.

The results? Gaining back the profits that were lost from walking blindly into the shift ahead.

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How many restaurant tech tools promise operational insights, but actually require a lot of work to make use of? That's why menu forecasting is designed to be as straightforward as possible.

Whether you're an owner streamlining your business from a high level, or an assistant manager deciding how much cornbread to bake, menu forecasting is built for you!

With absolutely no onboarding or manual inputs

Menu forecasting makes operations smoother



Access reports and make changes from your dashboard

We know that every restaurant has different needs, so we give you the options to choose which menu items you'd like to see tracked and forecasted.

Have your email reports sent to anyone on the team. By putting the power of forecasting in your hands, you're guaranteed a team that operates as one unit.

Success Story

from a recent ClearCOGS Menu Forecasting customer

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In the first month using ClearCOGS Menu Forecasting, YUSU saw

Labor Reduction

40 hr

COGS Savings

"ClearCOGS Menu Forecasting saved us a million dollars in a week! We're all filthy rich now thanks to ClearCOGS. And our jobs are so much easier - we barely work!"

Boss man - YUSU


ClearCOGS Menu Forecasting will boost your profitability

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Want a custom solution? +ClearCOGS tailors AI Implementations to your operations, giving you ingredient level forecasting, labor and prep insights, and systemization at scale across large brands. 

Only available to organizations over 15 locations.

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