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Simplify Inventory Management with ClearCOGS.

Take control of your inventory and reduce costs.


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ClearCOGS simplifies the complex task of inventory management.
Our advanced AI technology analyzes historical data, demand patterns, and other factors to provide you with precise insights on what and how much to order. By leveraging ClearCOGS, you can optimize your stock levels, reduce excess inventory, and free up valuable capital. Make data-driven decisions, improve cash flow, and streamline your supply chain with ClearCOGS.

How it Works

Make use of the data you have on hand.

ClearCOGS uses your POS data and menu to determine how much of any item is used every 15 minutes over the entire history of your business to determine what you will need each day.


Our system then takes your shelf life and lead time into account to create hyper-personalized recommendations that your staff can act on.

POS Data

Our AI

Accurate reports


Make your money go farther

Our reporting can extend the life of each dollar you put towards your prep. 


Choose which ingredients and metrics apply to your business.


Only receive the information that matters to you. No extra spreadsheets. 


Setup takes as little as 30 min, non-invasive, no training necessary, and receiving reports by tomorrow.


Feel the impact of ClearCOGS as soon as the next week. Watch your profits soar.

Case Study

See ClearCOGS in action

Our customers have seen huge savings in both money and waste after using our product. Find out what it could do for your business.

FREE Consultation

Meet with one of our experts to asses your business needs,

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