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ClearCOGS: Revolutionizing Bakery Operations with AI-Powered Precision

Empowering Bakeries to Thrive with Data-Driven Decisions

How ClearCOGS helps bakeries increase profits by up to 3%

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Bakeries are more than just businesses
they're community cornerstones that bring joy through their delightful treats.

But behind the scenes, the challenges of  running a bakery are numerous. Dealing with overproduction, waste, or running out of popular items can impact both profitability and customer satisfaction. That's where ClearCOGS steps in.

The ClearCOGS Advantage

Data Driven Precision
Significant Waste Reduction
Increase Sales and Efficiency
Focus on Your Craft

Partnering with ClearCOGS has led to a 53% decrease in waste for our clients. This not only aids in sustainability efforts but also directly contributes to your bottom line.

Our system's predictive capabilities help you avoid running out of items, capturing potential sales and ensuring customer satisfaction.

With ClearCOGS, spend less time worrying about inventory and more time creating the baked goods that bring joy to your community.

ClearCOGS leverages your existing POS data, integrating it with variables like time of year, day of the week, weather, and holidays. This unique approach allows us to answer critical operational questions with remarkable accuracy.

Daily Prep Reports

Receive daily prep reports directly in your inbox, segmented into relevant sections and accessible across all devices. These reports guide your daily baking decisions, ensuring you prepare just what's needed.

How it works

ClearCOGS acts as a 'data distillery,' taking your existing data and transforming it into actionable insights. This process allows us to provide predictive prep schedules and demand forecasting, tailored specifically for the unique needs of bakeries.

Why choose ClearCOGS

Every bakery must prep each day, and our solution is designed to cater to the unique variability in bakery operations. From different ingredients and prep times to varying shelf lives, our system is built to handle the complexities of bakery management.

In the bakery

Hear from bakery owners who have transformed their operations with ClearCOGS:

“ClearCOGS is a game changer. It breaks down hour-by-hour how much bread we should have. It's almost dummy-proofed to where, if we follow this game plan, we should not run out of bread but we're not going to waste multiple trays at the end of the night either. It's pretty crazy how its projections are right on the money."

Kyle Roadl, General Manager

Get Started

Contact us to learn how ClearCOGS can be the Co-Pilot for your bakery's success.

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